What is Murder Mystery ?

“Murder Mystery” Series Role-playing game is  one the most mysterious and popular boardgame, in the exchange to obtain information, find the hindden truth in the player’s killer.

Murder mystery process

 The following is the usual process:

(1) The player chooses the character he wants to play (or the organizer directly assigns), and the organizer sends the invitation, background and character to the player.
(2)The corresponding badges and "personal scripts" are sent to each player.
(3) The player reads his own script, plays the role in his game, and starts the game.
(4) Introduce each other (in the identity of the game).
(5) Disclose the information requested in your own script to other players by asking questions, chatting, etc.
(6) Some events, or public clues, or clues on the CD, and then discuss each other.
(7) Finally testify the murderer and give motivation and modus operandi, then announce the truth.

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There is no perfect crime in the world

——Sherlock Holmes

The fog is approaching, are you ready?

You will be involved in a murder soon.

The deceased may be the landlord, may be the harem of the harem, may be the boss of the underworld…

In the murder scene, the mystery is reborn, everyone is a suspect.

And you are one of them

The moment you get the script

You are no longer an office worker sitting in front of the computer all day.

No longer the flower of the future of the motherland

You will be closely integrated with the role you play.

All you can do is to communicate, negotiate, and alliance with other players.

High-level acting school

You need to keep getting clues

Step closer to the truth

The truth, wait for you …